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Occupational Therapy

Discover the Ultimate Home Wellness Experience with Move More! Our services go beyond traditional Physical Therapy – we offer a holistic approach to your well-being. Meet our dedicated Occupational Therapist who delivers personalized Home Set-Up Assessments, expert Home Safety consultations, and comprehensive Fall Prevention Strategies right in the comfort of your home. From optimizing your living space to specialized Strength and Balance Training, we cover it all. We also assist with essential areas such as Bathroom Safety, Transfers, and Adaptive Equipment Needs. Experience the difference with Move More – where your health and safety are our top priorities!

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In-Home Physical Therapy

Experience the ultimate convenience and personalized care with our In-Home Physical Therapy services! Unlike traditional clinics, our skilled therapists come to your doorstep, providing unparalleled benefits tailored to your daily life. Picture this: our expert therapists observe your movements in your own familiar environment, pinpointing challenges you face in everyday activities such as navigating stairs, hallways, bathrooms, and showers. This unique perspective empowers our therapists to collaborate with you, setting personalized goals focused on your daily routines. Don't settle for ordinary therapy – embrace extraordinary, tailor-made solutions right in the comfort of your home

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